03 October 2007


Two phone calls shocked me within these 12 hours. Excitepointed.

The first one is to be considered positive. I received a phone call from Andy, calling from British American Tobacco. I used to hear about this name from a course mate, that it is a well known company. I get shocked when Andy was telling me that his company got my info from this Jobmarket, some portal like JobStreet, and is interested to consider me as interns of BAT. I wonder when did I gave any info to this Jobmarket… and is that a fraud…? He ends the phone after short conversation and a little understanding of my internship period I think. Erm… not really bother much, because I never thought of this to happen on me. If this big big company want to hired me and I am qualified then would be my honor, but if it is a fraud of something else, I didn’t lost anything too. So, forget it. But it’s a real shock for me.

At the night time while I was on the internet surfing around, she gets me and it’s a total unexpected and negative impact on my mood and my enthusiasm towards something. Someone put me in the wrong, which I think that’s not fair to me. My soul was like floating in the air, being thrown in the maze, lost of direction. The “someone” gave me quite good impression before this, but the comment from this person really made me feel real disappointed. I guess its all about money matter like what she told me. Haih… no wonder Cantonese got one golden phrase – “gong qin siong gam cheng”. I am willing to give away everything if that make the “someone” feels better. Anyhow, I have to stay back at my initial position, else she will say that I am childish thinking.

Things don’t come as what we desired for. So I rather set lower expectation on others than on myself, so that I won’t feel that hurt when results or outcomes bias from what I thought it would be.
By the way, "Excitepointed" = Exciting + Disappointed. Lol...