20 November 2007

Reviewed - philipyong.com


A post title caught my attention yesterday morning ~ “Review my blog and stand a chance to win RM100”. Don’t you think this is great? Another interesting blog contest and I just can’t miss this golden opportunity. Here’s the review.

After I gone through 23 posts written by Philip Yong, a 17 years old boy, I think I should be able to present to you a very short introduction about him. From his home sweet home family picture, I knew he got lovely grandparents and parents together with a twin brother. Such a family of happiness made me admired so much…

Phil’s blogosphere has a strong feeling of his enthusiasm towards blogging. I think most probably this is due to his regret for starting his blog life late. That’s why little Phil has decided to record down everything about himself and his life into his second home ~ [ philipyong.com ]. Other than that, Phil also explores a lot of Make-Money-Online Programs and shared his experience with his readers, with a sole purpose that is to make money together. To my surprise, Phil also committed to blog about charity with his gang. He is really playing a very much different part from what I actually expect from this age-group.

If you would like to know more about him OR join his very first organized blog contest, feel free to visit him at [ philipyong.com ] OR click on the flash banner ad designed by ~ MAIKE of course. Click here for direct access to his blog contest page.


imyinyin said...

when free and teach me flash?? LoL
where u learn all those code??

maike said...

actually I learned from the "Help" part
and those code is inside the macromedia flash too
if I dont understand how to insert
then I will search from Help
I am only beginner ler~

KOKahKOK said...

pandai leh maike! (should be micheal?) i am learning that but no time to go and try! .....help got teach eh meh?

maike said...

to kokahkok

you can call either maike or michael
but please dont ever call micheal
remember the "a" and "e" arrangement ya

you dont have time to explore
thats why you dont know
Help is where taught me when I am lost
Help is my Si Fu~